Flamenco Dancer

“I shall dance all my life. . . . I would like to die, breathless, spent, at the end of a dance”

~ Josephine Baker

Damien Alvarez, the dynamic and dexterous flamenco dancer, dazzles audiences with his daring and deft style, demonstrating a deep devotion to the dramatic art of flamenco. With a deeply emotive style, Damien’s dance career began at a young age, diligently delving into the depths of flamenco, demonstrating a deep-rooted passion for this demanding dance form. Damien’s dance journey has been shaped by dedicated mentors and diligent practice, and his determination to master the demanding discipline of flamenco has defined his artistic direction.

With each distinctive performance, he defies expectations, delivering dynamic footwork, dramatic spins, and a delightful presence that leaves audiences captivated. Damien Alvarez continues to delight and dazzle audiences, demonstrating the depth of his devotion to the art of flamenco.


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